CV (eng ru)

Kuzovatkin Dmitry, 33 years.

Education: Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation (Technical University) (MIREA), speciality "Computers, Computer Systems and Networks" (MIREA).
Location: Moscow, Russia. Relocation is possible

Тел.: +7-916-xxxxxx
Skype: diamond_stealth

Skills: Haxe, Flex, ActionScript 3 (AS3), Adobe Flash, AIR, JavaScript, Node.js, C/C++, PHP, Unix shell, SQL, SVN, Git, Linux, SOLID, DRY, YAGNI, Design Patterns, XML, Networking, Security, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB (Lately mostly use Flash/Flex/AIR/Node.js/Starling/Feathers/JavaScript/MySQL/MongoDB)
Additional skills: Android/iOS mobile development with Adobe AIR(Flex,Starling/Feathers), Flash.
Personal characteristics: Perfectionist, can correctly estimate time for a work, high level of responsibility and self-organization. Work well in group and have leadership skills. Good at working remotely.
Languages: Russian - native, English - fluent, Thai - beginner

About myself:
More than 9 year experience in development of difficult projects with Flash/Flex/AIR (AS3). These days i'm interested in mobile application development for Android/iOS (iPhone, iPad) with Adobe AIR and backend part with Node.js + MySQL/MongoDB. Studies and keep interesed about highload projects with Node.js+MongoDB+Nginx+Redis. Early develop 3D engine for Geoinformation System with OpenGL, which convert 2D map format in 3D and allow user to fly over it. Work as PHP+MySQL developer and C/C++ developer under Unix OS.

Current interest in development:
These days development front-end (Flash/Flex/AIR/Starling/Feathers) and back-end (Node.js+MySQL) parts of applications, DB (MySQL/MongoDB), and can bring together it all on Unix server. I like front-end and also back-end development. Like well written code. I appreciate positive with criticism. I learn quickly. "I decide that application should work without any freezing and server side should respond quickly"

Project examples:
BlueRaster A lot of projects which you can find in this company was developed my me in last 7-8 years. (Most used technologies is Flex and some of projects on HTM5+JS)
Some of projects:
Footprint Map of Medical School Graduates
Appalachia Community Data Portal
USGS (NBII) launches AmphibiaTrends
LandScope America
Department of Education
UDS Mapper
Installation of Shkoda in Sheremetievo airport Augmented reality system for Shkoda installation which was happen in 2014 year in Sheremetievo airport(Flex/PHP)
Augmented reality system for Kinder Chokolate Addictive reality system for Kinder Chocolate installation which was happen in 2013 yes in different cities of Russia(Flex/PHP)
Messager for LLC school and
Messager for martial art school KMMA
Messages for couple of schools, which was developed by request of school for quick communication with parents and share information about events, appointment or any other data. Projects contains cell phone application (Flex/Starling), admin part(Flex) and server side(Node.js + MySQL)
Project for learning of traditional african rhythms and drumming(Demo version, Full version) Project for learning of traditional african djembe drumming. Contains a lot traditional compositions in simple notation of West Africa. (Flex/Starling)

Work experience:
Docler Holding

Senior Haxe Developer
Architecture development, programming with Haxe, components development, client-server interaction programming, full development process from code writing to portal delivering, functional programming, supporting and developing for existing project, integrating react components in frontend client
Used technologies: Haxe, JS, Html, ActionScript, XML, JS, Node.js, Git, Bamboo, Stash, GitFlow, Audio on web

Sunshine Learning Systems

Senior Programmer, Team-leader
Team leading, architecture development, programming with Flash/Flex (ActionScript), development of mobile applications with Adobe AIR, engine development, components development, client-server interaction programming, back-end development with PHP,MySQL,Node.js,MongoDb,Redis
Develop some multiuser projects, media projects, and education projects. Develop a lot of projects with GIS Mapping library (, for for showing, analyzing and controlling of cartography information (most project is Flex but also some HTML5+JS+Jade+Knockout...)
Used technologies: Flash/Flex/AIR, ActionScript (AS2, AS3), Adobe AIR для Android/iOS, XML, JS, Node.js, Apache, PHP, MySQL, SVN, Git

2003-2006 NIIAA(Scientific-Research Institute of Automatic Equipment named after academician V.S. Semenikhin)

Senior Programmer in GIS department
Develop 3D engine module with OpenGL, which convert 2D map foramt in 3D and allow user to dynamicly move over it for Geoinformation System. "GIS-Gorizont"

Used technologies: C++ Builder, XML, Apache, Linux, PHP, OpenGL.