BlueRaster A lot of projects which you can find in this company was developed my me in last 7-8 years. (Most used technologies is Flex and some of projects on HTM5+JS)
Some of projects:
Footprint Map of Medical School Graduates
Appalachia Community Data Portal
USGS (NBII) launches AmphibiaTrends
LandScope America
Department of Education
UDS Mapper
Installation of Shkoda in Sheremetievo airport Augmented reality system for Shkoda installation which was happen in 2014 year in Sheremetievo airport(Flex/PHP)
Augmented reality system for Kinder Chokolate Addictive reality system for Kinder Chocolate installation which was happen in 2013 yes in different cities of Russia(Flex/PHP)
Messager for LLC school and
Messager for martial art school KMMA
Messages for couple of schools, which was developed by request of school for quick communication with parents and share information about events, appointment or any other data. Projects contains cell phone application (Flex/Starling), admin part(Flex) and server side(Node.js + MySQL)
Project for learning of traditional african rhythms and drumming(Demo version, Full version) Project for learning of traditional african djembe drumming. Contains a lot traditional compositions in simple notation of West Africa. (Flex/Starling)